Developing the Technology for Your Business Can Be a Struggle, but Give Us Three Months and We’ll Deliver a System You Can Use to Multiply Your Profits

Too many technology projects are a painful experience. Missed deadlines so far back that you can’t see them anymore. Cost estimates that look like a bad joke now. Sleepless nights wondering how many customers you will lose as a result of software bugs.

Most developers try to fix this by simply spending more time after the issues come up. But more development work isn’t what you need if it’s going in the wrong direction. The real solution has to come much earlier in the process with a clear strategy for implementing the right technology so you can grow your business and save time and frustration. All we care about is technology that helps you reach your business goals.

We create technology systems for your business that increase profits, save you time, and reduce frustration. We don’t care about using every new technology…

All we care is about getting to the simple core of your business and helping you scale it fast. We will analyze your business, your offerings, your customers, and how they get value. Then we’ll give you a detailed strategy to do more of what you do best, with less work, while cutting out the activities that are holding you back. We’ll show you what you need to do more to scale your business… the things you can stop doing… and the critical steps to reach the next level in revenues and profits.

Before we work together, we want you to read through these case studies so you know what you can expect:

Niche Social Network Builds and Launches All-New Site in 2 Months

Market Research Company Innovates in Traditional Industry

Startup Launches 3 Major Iterations of Product in 9 Months

Are you interested in growing your business? How about doing it while reducing your workload? If that would benefit you, I’ve got good news for you (that may be a bit surprising).Here’s Why

I’m Richard Garand, and I’ve been working on software development projects since I learned to read. Some time in the process of leading an international team of volunteers to create a video game while in high school, I realized that most of the effort put into software development is a waste. Not only does it fail to create a measurable benefit to the business it’s supposed to be serving, but a lot of software is never even used because it just isn’t good enough.

You’re smart enough to see what’s happening. You’re wondering, like I did, why so much work is wasted. There has to be a better way, and there is. I’ve built a team of developers and expert partners covering many related needs, all focused on eliminating the wasted work and creating results fast. Our projects include:

  • Startups and established companies
  • All-new systems, maintenance, and everything in between
  • Industries from education to real estate
  • Consumer-facing websites, internal tools, and portals for multiple audiences
  • Small niche applications and large, highly-visible websites
  • Goals ranging from selling products to building an audience for media
  • Companies with existing IT departments, and companies that didn’t even have outsourced developers

You Should Not Work With Us If…

  • You want to spend months or years of your time attempting to learn the best processes on your own
  • You don’t want to listen to feedback or new ideas and change your approach
  • You’re not comfortable with moving fast, making quick decisions, and choosing to do things later
  • You would rather take the time to find the best developers who are currently seeking a full-time job, recruit them, manage them, and make sure they’re getting the time to go to conferences frequently and practice with new tools, all while building the products and systems for your business
  • You want to make a big, irreversible bet on a person or project that will make or break your business

On the other hand, if you want your technology projects to move faster with less effort on your part, with experienced guidance to improve every area of the process, then we can work well together. You’ll join the select group of companies that systematically and efficiently remove every technology barrier standing in the way of their growth, and outrun their competitors in the process.

Honestly, we probably won’t end up working together. We’re not right for everyone and we only work with clients that we can really understand at a deep level and help to create much bigger results. If that’s you, we can get you moving faster than you ever thought possible. If not, that’s ok – your time and our time is too valuable to waste.

If you do work with us, we will start learning every part of your business from the beginning. Most importantly, we’ll analyze your opportunities and challenges, look at the technology-based solutions, and create a detailed strategy to take advantage of them. We do this while following our #1 rule, which is to maximize results and minimize costs.

But that’s just the start. Unlike other development teams who come up with a grand plan and then can’t even remember what it was after a few months, we know that the way this strategy is followed makes all the difference. And so our process leaves nothing to chance.

We have a strict methodology of communication and check-ins that will be enacted day by day and week by week before, during, and after the development. This involves everyone on a weekly basis in steering the project towards the results your business needs.

And that’s just our minimum requirements – what we demand from ourselves to make every project a success. Beyond that we want to make our team an extension of yours so you can be more responsive and aggressive when you spot business opportunities. Far from hiding the truth behind endless technobabble, we live by the rules of transparency, details, and frequent communication. You can always reach us when anything new comes up and you’re not sure what to do.

If you’re interested in what we can do for your business, contact us now for a free and confidential interview

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We’re not here to churn out templated websites and then forget your name two months later. Our total commitment to our clients, coming up with new ideas to improve your business, and the experiments we do on our own time to find better solutions for you, keep us busy constantly.

Right now we have only one opening in the next 3 months. While many companies could use this help, we know we can only offer our fully-guided, worry-removing service to a few at a time. As a result we can’t take on more than 3-4 clients in any given year.

Additionally, once we take on a client like you we don’t even think of opening up that time to someone else until you have gotten everything you want.

And that brings me to a very important point. You can continue getting pushed around by developers with the latest new thing you just “have to copy”. Or, if you like our initial interactions, you can forget about the constant technology worries. You will know that we are here to help you get the results you need, as fast as possible, with minimal effort on your part, rather than trying to impress you with the latest buzzwords. You work hard at your business and you need to get the best results possible for that work.


Richard Garand

Garand Webtech Inc.

P.S. Our clients expect and demand the best results from the technology that powers their business. Contact us now if you want to prevent someone else from getting there first.